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Here at Musicom we have been very busy in bringing our next generation products to market. Aside from the usual industry-leading standards you have come to expect, we are evolving our product range into something rather special for the road ahead.

Simplicity and reliability have always been our watchwords and our latest developments yield no compromise.

We are currently redesigning our website to give you all the resources you need to carry out your projects and advise your customers. In the meantime, we would be interested to hear any requests or suggestions for what you would like us to make available on the site. You can email them here. It won't be long before we emerge in full colour.


But I can't wait ...

Well of course that is quite understandable, after all day-to-day business must go on. So if you have any particular questions or want help with a project, then please e-mail us or give us a call and we will be happy to help.


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Piston Capture

From the smallest to the largest, with or without all the playing aids you could possibly want for an organ console. Whether it be Steppers, Sequencers, USB, Transposers, Programmable Crescendii, or any Special Functions ... we have it all covered.

Note-switching and

Regardles of instrument size, the PipeNet control system quite simply offers the player the absolute best in performance response and reliability for the pipe organ that money can buy. As a real-time control system, you can be certain that your musical performance is not going to be limited by ours. Using the optional console record and playback feature that operates with native source code rather than the slower MIDI protocol, you can prove it.

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